A postcard from Wijk aan Zee

It’s the second weekend of the world’s most popular chess tournament and the great winner here in Wijk aan Zee is for the time being Grandmaster Winter. I have been staying here in various capacities (player, journalist, trainer, organizer and problemist) for almost 20 years and what seemed at the start of this year’s edition as a nearly spring-like weather has turned into one of the toughest winters the village by the see has witnessed for years. Outside white is clearly dominant as the snow grows thicker and yet inside the crowded venue of De Moriaan it’s fire on board with black often having the upper hand.

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Problem Solving in Wijk aan Zee

The 75th edition of Tata Steel tournament is being held in Wijk aan Zee. It is arguably the world’s most important festival and definitely one the biggest events on the chess calendar..
Results, reports and photos may be found on all leading chess websites as well as on the official website: www.tatasteelchess.com/tournament

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The world’s leading chess periodical New In Chess celebrated the 60th anniversary of its co-editor GM Jan Timman by organizing for the first time an international composing tourney
for endgame studies. The provisional award which is said to appear in the next issue of the magazine has been already published in a couple of websites:
The first prize was surprisingly yet deservedly awarded to the unknown Dane Steffen Nielsen.
I was honoured with the second prize:

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Groningen prize-winners and organizers (photo: official website).

Groningen Jubilee Tournament

The 50th edition of Groningen tournament in the university sport centre Zernike was a great success. Organizer Jan Colly and his team have all reasons to be happy with a smoothly run and highly enjoyable festival which was aimed at all levels and ages. All results, photos and impressions may be found here:


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Het Paard to the Olympic Champion

My co-author IM Hans Bohm travelled last week all the way to the southern province of North Brabant to meet the Olympic champion Anky van Grunsven and her winning horse Salinero. Hans granted Anky the first official copy of our brand new book Wij Presenteren Het Paard (We present The Knight) published by Tirion. I was unable to join him this time having had myself to head to the opposite edge of the country, all the way to Groningen where I am taking part in the 50th edition of the traditional Christmas festival.
You may have some pictorial impressions from this meeting on Hans’s website:

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