Game with GM Sasikiran (photo's René Olthof)

A postcard from Capelle

I regularly mainly attend the Dutch traditional circuit however I also keep a short list of tournaments in other countries which I would like to play at least once before my retirement.
In Hastings (England), the oldest active tournament (since 1895) I have already played and right now I am competing in the French giant tournament of Cappelle La Grande.

Cappelle is a tiny town (a bit more than 8000 inhabitants) in the north of France very close to the more well-known city of Dankerque. The mayor since 1983 has been Roger Gouvart while the chief organizer of the tournament since 1985 has been his brother Michel Gouvart. Earlier I had visited Cappelle several times with my old French team of Noyon hoping to play the tournament one day.

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Another successful weekend for my teams

Wageningen VLG Advocaten, my team for the last 12 seasons, continues to surprise in the Eerste klasse (which is in fact the second Dutch division after the Meesterklasse).Last Saturday, in the sixth round, we met the first team of the biggest club in the Netherlands- Caissa Amsterdam. Residing in the Dutch capital myself, it was for me a rare “home match” since the majority of our matches against Amsterdam teams over the years, have been real home matches and thus were mostly held in the Vredehorst in Wageningen.
Unfortunately Jan blundered on the first board in an early stage but the rest managed to make the unpredictable and scoring eventually the highest result this season: 7:3!  

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GM John Nunn (photo Alina l'Ami,who participated herself in the contest)

Another look at the Tata solving weekend

The outright winner of Tata Steel Solving Weekend last month published an illustrated article telling his impressions in chessbase news website. You may enjoy it and try to solve the studies:

Posted: February 16 - 20132

Reviews Het Paard by Richard Vedder and Johan Hut

Richard Vedder wrote in Dutch a review about the book 'Het Paard'.


And  another one by Johan Hut in the daily  Gooi en Eemlander

And here is how our website is received in Brazil (in Portugues):

Posted: Februar 7 - 2013


Oleg Pervakov demonstrates his second prize winner. (Photo: René Olthof)

Chess Composition in Tata Steel Tournament 2013

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the world’s best chess tournament a special International composing tourney for endgame studies was announced. 89 entries of exceptionally high standard were received and checked for soundness and originality by the dedicated tourney director Dr.Harold van der Heijden. Following a long and thorough consideration I decided to include 20 entries in my judge’s award. Here are the five money prize-winners (subject to the usual 3 months appealing period). All are highly original and players’ friendly:    

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