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Winners Batavia GM Alon Greenfeld and IM Twan Burg with organizer Peter Tames (Photo: official website).

Chess is the best healer

I was pretty sick last week and I even had to cancel my training sessions on Friday. What I couldn’t postpone were the team matches planned for the weekend. It was a too short notice to invite any substitutes.  I had no idea how I would be able to function over the board with all those symptoms and medications of a heavy cold but the extra Adrenalin apparently helped to accelerate my recovery and a happy weekend has eventually been recorded again.  
First, Saturday in Wageningen:

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Ebook Developing Chess Talent

The book ‘Developing Chess Talent’ is now available as an ebook. See a preview on

‘Developing Chess Talent’, comprising 256 pages, discusses creating a chess culture, coaching, training, organization and communication.
Also included in this title are interviews with grandmasters David Bronstein and Jan Timman, as well as plenty of helpful and practical information.

Authors of the book are Dutch psychologists and chess trainers Karel van Delft and IM Merijn van Delft.
The book includes a foreword by GM Artur Yusupov with whom they have been collaborating for many years.

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Cappelle. (Photo

Back from Cappelle

Back from Cappelle La Grande I am very pleased I could fulfill an old wish and must compliment Monsieur Michel Gouvart, his son Stephan Gouvart, the chief arbiter Mannuel Veriniac and their enthusiastic teams of volunteers, for the superb organization smoothly run of one of the worlds biggest and colourful chess events. I believe that a decisive majority of the 564 participants were happy with their participation in Cappelle even if naturally not always with their own results. This tournament and many other French opens may provide the main explanation to the amazing number of local talents in the last 3 decades compared to the older times when the only French GM was…Boris Spassky!

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Milan (Photo: Franziska Iseli)

GM Milan Velimirovic passed away

Yesterday night I received the sad news from GM Ljubomir Ljuboevic in Belgrade: Our common friend, the great Serbian problem composer and solver GM Milan Velimirovic has passed away on Monday at the age of 60 following an incurable illness.

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Game with GM Sasikiran (photo's René Olthof)

A postcard from Capelle

I regularly mainly attend the Dutch traditional circuit however I also keep a short list of tournaments in other countries which I would like to play at least once before my retirement.
In Hastings (England), the oldest active tournament (since 1895) I have already played and right now I am competing in the French giant tournament of Cappelle La Grande.

Cappelle is a tiny town (a bit more than 8000 inhabitants) in the north of France very close to the more well-known city of Dankerque. The mayor since 1983 has been Roger Gouvart while the chief organizer of the tournament since 1985 has been his brother Michel Gouvart. Earlier I had visited Cappelle several times with my old French team of Noyon hoping to play the tournament one day.

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