In Memoriam: Karel Scholten

It has been a sad week for Wageningen chess club. On Thursday we fare welled our friend Karel  Scholten who had passed away at just 62. Karel was an active member of our club since 2003 (after moving from Amsterdam to Ede for his work) and a regular in my training sessions ever since. He played for the second team and took part in individual summer competitions such as the Dutch open in Dieren and the seniors championship in Oosterbeek.
Personally I had closer acquaintance with Karel who used to pick me up at Ede station (Wageningen still doesn’t have one) before each training and took care of driving me back after each session. Karel had no family; his work and his chess were his life. He was a true chess lover and a very loyal and reliable team mate. Rest in peace, Karel!

Posted: April 13 - 2013


Decision in the last round!

In the penultimate round of the 1B division of the KNSB team competition my team of Wageningen was hosted last Saturday by the old DD club from the city of Den Hague. The tough and tense match eventually ended in a peaceful 5:5.
Since the strong LSG leading team from Leiden won again, we need to beat them next Saturday in the last round in order to emerge victors. A tough job no doubt, but we will try to do our best and even more. We need some luck too!

My German team Castrop Rauxel beat the team of Langenfelder 6:2 (I did not play) and is still in the third place in group 1 of the NRW league before the last round.
The score table may be seen here:

Posted: April 13 - 2013


Memories from a unique event: Connection 1 Chess Experience 1999

The national youth teams of The Netherlands (2 teams), Israel and Germany played tournament in 1999 in the city of Apeldoorn. They were also trained daily by IM Mark Dvoretsky and GM Arthur Yusupov. The event was organized by a team led by my friend (and webmaster of my site!) Karel van Delft. I acted as the arbiter and the coordinator of the training sessions. Most of the participants have been awarded ever since with International titles and quite a few were later selected for their national Olympic teams.  
There was a site which is preserved in a file. You may visit the site with the games and other information. There for English texts you click on the grey box 'Kijk hier voor....'. Most of the links in the site still work.You may also go to the databank on the site In the tournament bulletin you may find games and reports about the training sessions (download pdf 2.4 MB).

Posted: April 13 - 2013

Running up all the way through

I told here the story of my studies that won 7 times the second prize in composing tournaments last year. This has just become the topic of the current column of Harold van der Hijden on the popular website 'Schaaksite':
The article is written in Dutch however following the studies and the photos is possible whatever your command of the language is.

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Visiting my native country

I spent the last 3 weeks in my native country of Israel. Those weeks were mostly warm and lazy (and tasty too!) ones meeting family and friends. After all I had spent there 48 years of my life. Nevertheless there was some chess involved too. Besides playing a game for my new club of Kfar-Saba I held there 2 workshops: one about planning after the opening and another one demonstrating brilliant games from Wijk aan Zee. Reactions were fairly enthusiastic so I may expect some more of the same soon enough.

Workshop in Kfar-Saba Chess Club ( photos: Leon Landa)

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