A new issue of EG

We have received the April issue of the quarterly EG with a variety of instructive articles. The fourth Tata Steel Chess and Studies day is reported by the general editor Harold van der Heijden; Emil Vlasak tells us about the dramatic development s in the research of 7 men tablebase; Alain Pallier looks back to a big tourney of the past- La Strategie. Yours  truly introduces two recent masterpieces employing mutual neat queen sacrifices; A wealth of recent awards and other regular columns: Spotlight –the analytical column of Jarl Ulrichsen, originals by Ed van Gevel  and book reviews by John Roycroft.

One of this issue’s specialties is the award in the EG 2010-2011 tourney. Jarl Ulrichsen ‘s extensive and thorough  judgment awards 16 of the 50 entries. I was fortunate to get all my 3 entries to the award:

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Winning a Rook ending in the 4th round vs.GM David Dgebuadze. (photo René Olthof)

Chess and Freedom

Every  year  on May 5th The Dutch nation celebrates its  liberation day (bevrijdingsdag). On this very day in 1945,  the capitulation of the German army in the Netherlands  took place in hotel De Wereld  in the city center of Wageningen. For more than six decades ever since, a strong and popular rapid tournament has been organized by the local chess club (in which I have been an active member for the last 13 years) and sponsored by the advocates bureau Van Lotringen and Goedings. This year the event was dominated by GM Ivan Sokolov who scored 6.5 points out of 7. The tournament report, the final standings and photos may be seen here: www.svwageningen.nl
A special video film (where I am also starring), was taken by our devoted webmaster Karel van Delft and may be watched here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcatD0anSxM&feature=youtu.be.

Losing the crucial 6th round game vs the eventual winner GM Ivan Sokolov. (photo René Olthof)

Posted: May 7 -2013


Book Schaakideeën

The new Dutch written book 'Schaakideeën' contains 100 thematic chess positions with a story.
Youth chess players, but also trainers and other chess enthusiasts may find here a lot of inspiring ideas.
The texts give a lot of chess training technical and psychological advises.
Part of the positions are classical, partly they are derived from experiences of author Karel van Delft as youth trainer, organizer, Apeldoorn team captain, journalist and sport psychologist.
A lot of practical training advices are given for example by GM Artur Yusupov, IM Mark Dvoretsky, GM David Bronstein, GM Jan Timman, GM Sipke Ernst, GM Daniel Stellwagen and GM Loek van Wely.
And much more. See the preview for the table of contents and a dozen texts.

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Regards from Spain

I could find some comfort in the following lovely article published recently by my friend prof. Jesus Seaone from Madrid in the attractive website of IM Fernando Braga:
Even if your command of the Spanish language needs some polishing I hope you can still enjoy the selection of my games and studies attached to the article.
Jesus, a great enthusiast of the game and a collector of chess literature, has published two other interesting articles dedicated to the great Russian study composers Leonid Kubbel and Oleg Pervakov :
To your enjoyment!

Posted: April 26 - 2013


It was within reach

Last Saturday my team of Wageningen was very near to make history in the second division of the Dutch competition. We played the last round decisive match of the season against the leading team LSG from  Leiden. Winning this match would have paved us the way to the highest division, the meesterklasse. The evident advantage of our opponents was not just a matter of an extra match point but mainly in their rating superiority however team spirit has already played an important role leading us to remarkable achievements in recent seasons. It was indeed a highly tense titanic battle all the way through. In a certain point we were leading 4.5:3.5 and the target seemed within reach. However in both remaining games excellent drawing chances were overlooked (unfortunately one of the two was my own game) and eventually we lost 4.5: 5.5 enabling our opponents to return to the highest division while we had to settle with the third place. We were all pretty disappointed though we should actually look back proudly to our greatest season ever. Next season- hopefully even better!

Posted: April 26 - 2013

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