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Käty van der Mije (Photo René Olthoft).

A sad and happy weekend

Last Friday we accompanied a gentle and kind lady on her last journey. WGM Alexandra Ekaterina (Käty) van der Mije (Nicolau) has passed away in the city of Haarlem at the age of 73. She had been active in the sixties and seventies winning 6 times the Romanian championship and 5 times the Dutch championship following her immigration to the Netherlands in 1974. At her prime she was among the world’s best five. Although she retired decades ago she kept on visiting major events held mainly in the province of North Holland (of which Haarlem is the capital). A regular in Haarlem chess events I met her many times over the years and talking with her was always pleasing as well as instructive. You may read more about Käty here:

May her rest in peace.

Yochanan Afek wins Eijgenbrood (Photo tournament site).

Friday evening I joined the 27th edition of Eijgenbrood weekend tournament held in the biggest Dutch chess club Caissa Amsterdam. Here are the results of the A group:                                        

My club of Wageningen was well represented also by my teammate Kees Stap who shared the third prize.

Here is my decisive last round game:     

Pgn game Frank Erwich - Yochanan Afek

Posted: October 21 - 2013


Endgame Study quiz – Results

To celebrate his first 50 columns in, Harold van der Heijden published a special trivia quiz, using the endgame study as its pivotal topic. The quiz however proved a tough nut to crack as merely five experts were courageous enough to give it a serious try and send in their findings. All correct answers and the final standings may be found here:

I use this opportunity to warmly recommend once again the fourth version of Harold’s database which compiles as many as 76,132 studies in the user friendly PGN format, by far the world’s largest collection of endgame studies. I use this wonderful tool regularly as the most reliable source of reference for my composing and writing work, but also when I just wish to enjoy the best of chess beauty by the world’s finest artists.

More details may be seen here: 

Posted: October 16 - 2013      


  Lecture in Batumi (Photo Menachem Wiztum)

Training sessions in Utrecht

Series of 5 Friday group- training sessions will be given by me this season again (mainly in English) in Utrecht. Here below is the information in Dutch:

Yochanan Afek geeft vanaf 29 november 2013 zijn jaarlijkse serie van vijf trainingen in Utrecht. De nadruk in deze trainingen ligt op tactiek en eindspelen maar de deelnemers worden aangemoedigd om zelf onderwerpen aan te dragen of eigen partijen in te sturen die dan in de les worden besproken. Yochanan Afek spreekt daarom zelf liever van workshops dan van trainingen.

read more: ...Training sessions in Utrecht

Israel- third in the 9th WCCT!

The Israeli composing team, led by the captain Ofer Comay, scored excellently in the ninth WCCT (world team composing championship), gaining the bronze medal among the 37 participating teams. 553 problems and studies by 257 composers competed in 7 sections with set themes. The winner was the Russian team with a total of 130.75 points, ahead of Ukraine 120.5 and Israel 107.5.

read more: ...Israel- third in the 9th WCCT!

Hans Ree at the presentation. (Photo René Olthof)

The Chess world of Hans Ree

Two chess books, translated from the Dutch language and recently published by Russel Enterprises, were presented last month in Max- Euwe Centre in Amsterdam. You may find all details about that interesting event here:

Hans Ree is a Dutch grandmaster and one of the finest contemporary chess writers known for decades from his lively articles both in the daily NRC Handelsblad and in New in Chess magazine. In “My Chess” he takes us to a fascinating journey in his own chess world through a fascinating selection of his charming short stories. We are privileged to meet a whole range of well known chess celebrities many of whom the author has had a personal acquaintance over many years of his rich chess career, alongside with a gallery of local Dutch heroes barely known to the general chess public. Ree artfully portrays them from his own unique perspective, proving once again that even a chess story may turn by a maestro author into a fine piece of literature. There are 45 such stories in the book and although I managed to spot just one single diagram, I can still gladly recommend it to all chess lovers especially if accompanied by a glass of good wine.

I was especially delighted by the following story and even got a special permission by both author and publisher to give it here in full. Have a good look to see why:

read more: ...The Chess World of Hans Ree

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