New Tourney success

Two of my studies were recently awarded in International composing tourneys. A reciprocal zugzwang is displayed in the prizewinner from the Ukrainian magazine:

Yochanan Afek  Problemist in Ukraine, 2012, Second Prize

 White to play and win

1. g6! Nb4! [1...Nc5+ 2.Ka7 Bxc6 3.g7 Kf7 4.Ne5+ Kg8 5.Nxc6+-] 2.g7 Kf7 3.Ne5+ Kg8 4.Kc7!! [4.Kb6? Bxc6 5.Nxc6! Nd5+ 6.Kc5 Nf6 7.Nxe7+ Kf7=] 4...Bxc6 5.Nxc6 Nd5+ 6.Kc8!! [Thematic try: 6.Kd8? Nf6 7.Nxe7+ Kf7 white is in ZZ] 6...Nf6 [6...e5 7.Kd7 e4 (7...Nf6+ 8.Nxf6+ Kxg7 9.Ne4+- Troitzky position) 8.Ne7+ Nxe7 9.Kxe7 e3 10.Kf6 e2 11.Kg6 e1Q 12.Nf6#] 7.Nxe7+ Kf7 8.Kd8! Black is in ZZ 1–0


And this one is from the tourney of the Hungarian monthly:

Yochanan Afek Magyar Sakkkelet, 2013, 2nd Honourable mention

 White to play and win

1. Na6! [1.c8N+?? Kc7 2.Ne7 Rxb8+ 3.Ka7 Rb4–+; 1.c8Q?? Ra7#] 1...Ra7+ 2.Kb8 I. 2...Rb7+ [II. 2...Rxa6 3.c8R! (3.c8Q? Ra8+! 3.c8B?? Ra7–+) 3...Ra7 4.Rc6+! Kxc6 5.Kxa7 Kc7 6.Ka6 Kc6 7.Kxa5 wins.] 3. Kc8 Ra7! [3...Kxa6 4.Kd8 Ka7 5.c8Q+-] 4. Kd7!! [Thematic try: 4.Kd8? Rxa6! 5. c8R (5.c8Q? Ra8! 6. Qxa8 stalemate.) 5...Ra7! = e.g. 6.Rc5 Rh7 7.Rxd5 Kc6 8.Rc5+ Kd6 9.Ke8 Rh4=] 4...Kxa6 5.Kd8! Ra8+ [5...Kb6 6.c8N+! (6.c8Q? Ra8!) ] 6.c8R! [6.c8Q+? Kb6 7.Kd7 (7.Qxa8 stalemate.) 7...Rxc8 8.Kxc8 Kc6=] 6...Ra7 7.Rc6+ wins. 1–0

Full awards and lots of rich material on endgame studies may be found in Iuri Akobia’s excellent website:

Posted: October 21 - 2014


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