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The 18th edition of the open tournament by the sea in Vlissingen was an enjoyable one though my own chess was nothing to write home about. I performed precisely as expected from my modest rating and gained zero Elo points. The good news is that I neither lost any…

Here are the final standings:

Two of my studies were awarded with distinctions in recent tourneys. I regularly take part in the annual Israeli Ring Tourney where I made my first composing steps (both of studies and problems) as early as at the age of 15. My patient mentors in chess composition in those years were twin composers Yoel & Hillel Aloni who both patiently showed me (and quite a few other young Israeli composers at the time) the way in the minefields of chess composition. Yoel did it for mate problems and Hillel for endgame studies. They still live in the city of Netanya and will be both 77 at the end of next month. I still keep in touch with them and wish them many happy returns in good health.

Here is my study from the Israel Ring Tourney 2012-2013:


     Study in PGN



The second study was commended in the special tourney which was organized in USA in memory of the American composer Robert Brieger. It shows a complete journey of a white pawn (Excelsior):


   Study in PGN


I recently published an article on the Excelsior in the German monthly Schach where even despite the possible language barrier you may still enjoy the illustrative problems and studies: download PDF.

Both full tourney awards as well as numerous others may be seen as usual on the excellent website of the prolific Georgian composer IM Iuri Akobia:

I have recently commented three very interesting and instructive games from the Dutch championships played held last month in my city of Amsterdam. You may look it up here:

This leading Dutch website regularly publishes also light mate- problems on its homepage under the title Afekjes...

I am finally now pretty active on Facebook and a bit on twitter too.

Posted: August 14 - 2014


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