Vacation Study

As a chess artist my main goal is to entertain chess lovers with my endgame studies, to make them happy even for a little while.

My good old friend Hebert Perez Garcia from Den Helder is a strong player and an experienced trainer whose great hobby is to create documentary videos. Chess events and personalities are naturally a prominent topic in his films. In Youtube you may enjoy his instructive films on events such as the Jubilee Groningen tournament 1996 and Wijk aan Zee among others.  

Last summer Hebert and his family spent an enjoyable vacation in Turkey. one of my older miniature studies was apparently selected as part of the cruise entertainment program …

Here is the ultimate proof:

Curiously, this particular study, composed some thirty years ago, is still the favorite of more than one of my friends no matter the efforts I have made ever since to create much better ones. In 1982 I was part of an Israeli team to Cairo to play a match with the best Egyptian players of the time. In between the playing sessions I showed them this fresh effort of mine. I still enjoy remembering their baffled faces when finding the solution following some considerable effort. I guess it was the strong element of surprise in what seems such a simple setting that made it so appealing to them.

Posted: October 30 - 2012


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