Käty van der Mije (Photo René Olthoft).

A sad and happy weekend

Last Friday we accompanied a gentle and kind lady on her last journey. WGM Alexandra Ekaterina (Käty) van der Mije (Nicolau) has passed away in the city of Haarlem at the age of 73. She had been active in the sixties and seventies winning 6 times the Romanian championship and 5 times the Dutch championship following her immigration to the Netherlands in 1974. At her prime she was among the world’s best five. Although she retired decades ago she kept on visiting major events held mainly in the province of North Holland (of which Haarlem is the capital). A regular in Haarlem chess events I met her many times over the years and talking with her was always pleasing as well as instructive. You may read more about Käty here:


May her rest in peace.

Yochanan Afek wins Eijgenbrood (Photo tournament site).

Friday evening I joined the 27th edition of Eijgenbrood weekend tournament held in the biggest Dutch chess club Caissa Amsterdam. Here are the results of the A group:


My club of Wageningen was well represented also by my teammate Kees Stap who shared the third prize.

Here is my decisive last round game:     

Pgn game Frank Erwich - Yochanan Afek

Posted: October 21 - 2013


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