Endgame Study quiz – Results

To celebrate his first 50 columns in www.schaaksite.nl, Harold van der Heijden published a special trivia quiz, using the endgame study as its pivotal topic. The quiz however proved a tough nut to crack as merely five experts were courageous enough to give it a serious try and send in their findings. All correct answers and the final standings may be found here:


I use this opportunity to warmly recommend once again the fourth version of Harold’s database which compiles as many as 76,132 studies in the user friendly PGN format, by far the world’s largest collection of endgame studies. I use this wonderful tool regularly as the most reliable source of reference for my composing and writing work, but also when I just wish to enjoy the best of chess beauty by the world’s finest artists.

More details may be seen here: www.hhdbiv.nl 

Posted: October 16 - 2013      


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