Israel- third in the 9th WCCT!

The Israeli composing team, led by the captain Ofer Comay, scored excellently in the ninth WCCT (world team composing championship), gaining the bronze medal among the 37 participating teams. 553 problems and studies by 257 composers competed in 7 sections with set themes. The winner was the Russian team with a total of 130.75 points, ahead of Ukraine 120.5 and Israel 107.5.

Chairing the studies committee in Batumi. (Photo Menachem Wiztum)

With O. Friedland (right) and GM J. Mestel. (Photo Menachem Wiztum)

12 of our composers were awarded in the various sections: Ofer Comay (best Israeli), Evgeny Bourd, Paz Einat, Shaul Shamir, Mark Erenburg, Uri Avner, Arie Grinblat, Yosi Retter, Menachem Wiztum, Emanuel Navon,  Aharon  Hirschenson  and Yochanan Afek.
It has been so far a bright year for the Israeli chess composition. In the WCCI (world individual composing championship) for the years 2010-2012, Dmitrij Baibikov emerged the winner of the retrograde section.

All awarded entries may be seen here
The score tables may be seen here:
I took part only in the studies section. All three Israeli entries for the studies section were composed by me. The theme required a silent queen sacrifice (without capturing or checking). My entries may be found in the attached PGN file. The Kc6/Kf6 was graded in the top ten while the other two finished much lower. Quantity proved to be the decisive factor in the judging process, often on the account of art or the natural form and content. That is legitimate of course but doesn’t help to close the gap between our art and the taste of its potential consumers. It’s a bit sad that most composers couldn’t care less.

Posted: October 10 - 2013


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