Good Start for Wageningen

While I was composing and solving funnier positions in Batumi, my Dutch team of Wageningen (for the last 13 seasons!) managed pretty well in the first round of the KNSB competition, beating Philidor 1847 from the city of Leeuwarden convincingly. I tried my best to play my own game in advance as common according to the rules when one or more of the players involved are to participate as official representatives in an international event. I was indeed an official delegate in Batumi yet of the “wrong” federation as the captain of the opponent team refused to cooperate. I admit that I was hoping for a sportive revenge and my team indeed lived to my hopes and even way beyond! Though the rival captain managed to get away with a draw on the fifth board, the total score was one of the best news I could receive in Batumi.

For the time being the score table looks quite appealing:

Next round, on November 2nd, we are going to meet the mighty SISSA in Groningen. It’s no doubt the best team in our division (1A) and the toughest challenge for us, to put it mildly. Reinforced by the Olympic British young GMs it met Kennemer Combinatie from the city of Haarlem already in round one. What should have been a typical last round “Match of the Season” for the qualification, turned to be a one sided show and the score chart speaks for itself:

Has the race to the Meesterklasse already been decided before even warming up?

Posted: October 1 - 2013

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