The winning teams: Boris Tummes, Arno Zude, Michael Pfannkuche (Germany-silver); Aleksander Mista, Piotr Murdzia, Piorun Kacper (Poland-Gold); Bojan Vuckovic, Marjan Kovacevic (who took part in all 37 championships to date!), Gadjanski Borislav (Serbia- Bronze). Photo: official website.

A Magical Week in Batumi

 We spent the last week in Batumi at the Georgian shore of the Black Sea where the 56th congress for chess composition and the 37th world chess solving championship took place. 169 composers, solvers, delegates and accompanying persons from 30 countries took part in its various events enjoying the outstanding Georgian hospitality as well as the delicious Georgian cuisine. It was especially pleasant to meet so many old and new friends from so many countries especially the large delegation of my own countrymen.

 88 solvers took part in the open solving contest with the Israeli GM Ofer Comay and the German GM Arno Zude sharing the top honours with 50 points out of the maximal 60. The full results may be seen here:
This was just the traditional warming-up for the official world championship which was impressively dominated once again by the Polish team led by GM Piotr Murdzia who also defended successfully his individual world title emerging winner for the seventh time! See it all here:
 Yours truly was the official delegate of Israel in the congress. I was previously the official delegate back in 1977-78, quite a while ago. All decisions and new titles may be found here:  
 A wealth of official and unofficial composing tourneys were announced and held with national drinks as the main prizes. One of the official tourneys celebrated the 60th anniversary of the congress organizer, the great endgame study composer GM David Gurgenidze.  Another official tourney commemorated the great Georgian composer GM Gia Nadareishvili (1920-1990). Both awards, as well as dozens of other awards, may be seen in the excellent website of the well-known Georgian composer Iuri Akobia:

Here is my own contribution to Nadareishvili Memorial Tourney. The theme required that the final pawn free position would display a positional draw of a Rook + Bishop (or Knight) vs. a Queen + Rook. According to the judge Iuri Akobia the final position in my study was the only original one:  

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The individual winners: Arno Zude (Germany-Silver) Piotr Murdzia (Poland-Gold) Kacper Piorun (Poland- Bronze).
Photo: Official website.

Posted: October 1 - 2013

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