Analyzing a game with Jan Timman in Dieren 2011.

An improved birthday present

When I turned 60 (not yet used to this figure…) last year, my good friend and teammate Jan Timman, treated me to an original endgame study. Needless to say how flattered I was by this gesture (which at the time was even accompanied by a delicious visit at a Greek restaurant and two bottles of …quality Israeli wine courtesy Jan and his wife Geertje). However as a true artist Jan was still not happy enough with his creation and in one of the recent issues of the New in Chess Magazine he introduced an improved version, still dedicated to me. I am afraid I can’t share with you the superb wine anymore, but you may certainly still  enjoy the final version of the beautiful endgame study with Jan’s annotations as published in New in Chess 5 / 2013:

Doesn’t it taste like an extra-fine old wine improving with the years?

Download the study as pgn.

Posted: September 20 - 2013


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