In a journey to Germany last year.

Theodor Tauber

Bucharest (Romania) 18/08/1950 - Petakh Tikva (Israel) 03/09/2013

A couple of days ago I received the sad news from Mrs. Smadar Tauber.The Israeli problemist, my old friend Theodor Tauber, passed away in his hometown of Petakh-Tikva just before Rosh Hashanah at the age of 63, after heroically struggling with a cruel illness that spared him no chance.

I knew Theo for more than 40 years. We often met at the monthly meetings of the Israeli composers in Tel-Aviv as well as in the annual reunions and in many of the world congresses for chess composition both in Israel and abroad. He was especially close to the late Shlomo Seider, one of the country’s leading composers, with whom he created many outstanding problems in various genres, mainly fairies. After Seider’s premature death in 1989, Theo compiled his best problems, articles and lectures in the magnificent book “Art as all arts” which was published in Germany by bernd ellinghoven. He had always had firm opinions about professional and actual matters however in the last decade or so he was far less active in chess. And yet the last time we coincidentally met, a couple of years ago, still took place in chess circumstances. Garry Kasparov gave a simul in Tel-Aviv University and we both visited that impressive event and exchanged memories from the good old days. He told me about his family and his new hobby - photography - and seemed pretty happy.
He is survived by his wife Smadar, his children and grandson to whom I offer my sincere condolences. Rest in piece, Theodor.
Here is a helpmate Theodor dedicated to the participants of the traditional meeting in Andernach (Germany) 1986: 

In a helpmate black starts and helps white to mate him. The 2 solutions are mutually linked thematically: 1. Rg3+ Bg2! (but not Rd5?) 2. Rd3 Sa4 (Sd1?) #;  
 1. Rg4+ Rd5! (Bg2?) 2. Rxb4 Sd1 (Sa4?) # Harmonic dual avoidance.  

Posted: September 18 - 2013

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