For the Dutch speaking among you: a new book on an original topic:

Chess Variants – Adrey Caljé

50 variants on the game of chess
From Alice Chess to Ultima, from historical variants to popular present-day ones, they all pass the review in Chess Variants, 50 variants on the game of chess.

This book gives the rules of play for each variant. This makes it a unique reference work, but also a source of inspiration for the reader who wants to discover new variants.

'It's nicely illustrated, and it contains the game rules for all the given chess varieties. From now on, nobody has to quarrel any more about the rules of tandem chess, rifle chess, etcetera. You can simply look it up in Caljé.' -

You can order the Dutch version of the book at, ISBN: 978-9077733028, 194 pages, € 19,95

The English version will be released in September 2013.

Posted: July 29 - 2013

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