GM Alexander Huzman (photo Daniela Sedlakova)

Two weeks In Israel

Sorry not to be here  for some time. A week ago I returned from two highly busy weeks in Israel and ever since I have been overloaded with urgent deadlines.  In Israel I was mainly engaged with the rapid tournament that celebrated the 40 years of Beer-Sheba chess club under the leadership of Eliahu Levant. I acted there as the  press officer and did my best to allow this special event maximal exposure in the media and online. You may read the story of this leading  club and the anniversary tournamet here:

I was also asked to select the best game prize donated by Dr. Yoram Sebba, president of the  Israeli chamber of shipping in memory of his mentor Ing. Eliezer  Livni. You may find the annotated game here: Chess Today 4589.

In my club of the city of Kfar Saba I gave two lectures which were well accepted again by the large audience. I also took part in the last round of the national team championship. My team Kfar-Saba B had to beat 5:0 the team of Nazareth-Ilit  in order to promote to the top division, however we managed just 4:1 (I won) allowing Elitzur Jerusalem to come back just by half a point,  to  the supreme division next season. The only comfort is that the capital of Israel will be represented again in the main chess scene as deserved. It’s not the case in my present hometown of Amsterdam. None of its numerous clubs plays in the top division. They all prefer to remain purely amateur  and consequently most of the city’s GMs and IMs play for other clubs out of the capital.

Posted: June 6 - 2013

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