Beer-Sheba chess club-40

Beersheba or the “Capital of the Negev desert” of southern Israel as it often referred to, it is the seventh-largest city in Israel with a population of approximately 200,000.
The municipal chess club of the city, the country’s largest one, is celebrating four decades of highly successful local and International activity.
The highlight of these festivities will be a strong rapid round-robin tournament starting next Sunday with the participation of eight local grandmasters and four European guest GMs to compete for a  prize-fund of 20.000 US $. Here is the list of participants:

1. Evgeny Alekseev      2700 (Russia)
2. Viktor Laznicka        2679 (Czech Republic)
3. Sergei Fedorchuk    2660 (Ukraine)
4. Daniel Fridmann      2648 (Germany)
5. Maxim Rodshtein     2663
6. Evgeny Postny        2637
7. Michael Roiz           2617
8. Tamir Nabaty          2579
9. Boris Avrukh           2576
10. Alexander Huzman 2572
11. Alon Greenfeld      2538
12. Ilya Khmelniker     2494

Tournament director is IA Eliahu Levant

Games will be played from Sunday 26/05 through 29/05 starting daily at 16.00 (15.00 European time), 3 rounds a day and 2 rounds on the closing day. Time control: 25 minutes + 10 seconds increment per move. Organizers promise to transmit the games live on the Israeli federation website:

The Beer Sheba chess club was founded by Eliahu Levant, a reputed trainer and arbiter already in his native city of St. Petersburg (then Leningrad), right after his immigration to Israel in 1973. Within just a couple of years the club and its chess school turned under Levant’s most energetic leadership to be the most dominant factor in the Israeli chess scene and by now it can boast more than 20 national team championships, numerous youth and adults national titles and an impressive list of International events hosted by the city over the years with the participation of numerous world class players highlighted by the finals of the world team championship in 2005. The city arguably holds a world record of number of grandmasters per capita (1:20,000). 

I was asked to act as the press officer of the event. Dr. Yoram Sebba, the president of the Israeli Chamber of Shipping and a great chess enthusiast, announced a 1000 shekels prize in memory of the late player Ing. Eliezer Livni to be awarded to the most brilliant game in the tournament (to be selected by yours truly).
The games are likely be transmitted live also by Playchess.

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Posted: May 22 - 2013



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