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We have received the April issue of the quarterly EG with a variety of instructive articles. The fourth Tata Steel Chess and Studies day is reported by the general editor Harold van der Heijden; Emil Vlasak tells us about the dramatic development s in the research of 7 men tablebase; Alain Pallier looks back to a big tourney of the past- La Strategie. Yours  truly introduces two recent masterpieces employing mutual neat queen sacrifices; A wealth of recent awards and other regular columns: Spotlight –the analytical column of Jarl Ulrichsen, originals by Ed van Gevel  and book reviews by John Roycroft.

One of this issue’s specialties is the award in the EG 2010-2011 tourney. Jarl Ulrichsen ‘s extensive and thorough  judgment awards 16 of the 50 entries. I was fortunate to get all my 3 entries to the award:

The judge: “White seems completely lost in the initial position, but has a hidden resource. White entices the black king to capture a white pawn on a5. The square a5 turns out to be fatal to the black monarch six moves later when the heroic WS manages to deal with the last black pawn. The maneuver of the knight is of course known, but in combination with the pawn sacrifice it makes this fine miniature memorable and enjoyable.”

The following study is a joint composition with  one of my young pupils in Apeldoorn:

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Posted: May 8 - 2013

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