It was within reach

Last Saturday my team of Wageningen was very near to make history in the second division of the Dutch competition. We played the last round decisive match of the season against the leading team LSG from  Leiden. Winning this match would have paved us the way to the highest division, the meesterklasse. The evident advantage of our opponents was not just a matter of an extra match point but mainly in their rating superiority however team spirit has already played an important role leading us to remarkable achievements in recent seasons. It was indeed a highly tense titanic battle all the way through. In a certain point we were leading 4.5:3.5 and the target seemed within reach. However in both remaining games excellent drawing chances were overlooked (unfortunately one of the two was my own game) and eventually we lost 4.5: 5.5 enabling our opponents to return to the highest division while we had to settle with the third place. We were all pretty disappointed though we should actually look back proudly to our greatest season ever. Next season- hopefully even better!

Posted: April 26 - 2013

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