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In Memoriam: Karel Scholten

In Memoriam: Karel Scholten

It has been a sad week for Wageningen chess club. On Thursday we fare welled our friend Karel  Scholten who had passed away at just 62. Karel was an active member of our club since 2003 (after moving from Amsterdam to Ede for his work) and a regular in my training sessions ever since. He played for the second team and took part in individual summer competitions such as the Dutch open in Dieren and the seniors championship in Oosterbeek.
Personally I had closer acquaintance with Karel who used to pick me up at Ede station (Wageningen still doesn’t have one) before each training and took care of driving me back after each session. Karel had no family; his work and his chess were his life. He was a true chess lover and a very loyal and reliable team mate. Rest in peace, Karel!

Posted: April 13 - 2013


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