Univé Hoogeveen 2012

After a break (sorry to keep you all waiting so long), we reactivate the website with a somewhat different shape thanks to the kind efforts of our devoted webmaster Karel van Delft.
During the last couple of months I played various tournaments in the Netherlands and visited my native country Israel for family matters. The last event I played (as traditionally I do every year) was Univé tournament in Hoogeveen that has ended last night. This is one of the most pleasant and best organized opens on my loaded tournament calendar especially regarding the welfare of the players and the playing conditions. Here you may find all results, standings, games and photos:

Photo: Post mortem analysis in the press room with young Dutch GM Robin van Kampen (Photo: Karel van Delft).

Apart from some reasonable games (and two bad ones…) I was invited again to present the original official endgame study of the event. Here it is to your enjoyment:

 Yochanan Afek   Univé study 2012  


You may give it a try and find the solution here: www.univechess.nl/verslagen/unive-challenger-oplossing

For a report of Hoogeveen you may also look at www.schaaktalent.nl  weblog Karel van Delft.

Posted: October 28, 2012.


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