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Het Paard: A new book is just out

 A new chess book in the Dutch language has just been released:

                          Wij presenteren Het Paard
                 De bestormende kracht van het schaakspel

We present the Knight –The storming force in chess.
by Hans Böhm & Yochanan Afek and the publishing house Tirion. It’s the third in a series of 6 books on the chess pieces following De Pion (2010) and De Toren (2011).


In its 144 pages 60 of the Knight’s unique tactical qualities in attack and defence are demonstrated, each by 4 examples from the best of chess combinations, endgame studies, problems and games of the greats and accompanied by historical background. In total 240 challenges for all chess lovers are offered for solving, enjoying and studying. Throughout this rich variety of items the knight plays a decisive role collaborating or fighting the other pieces. Solving the magnificent exercises does not necessarily require a profound command of the Dutch language.

Get a copy of the new book or enjoy a special price for all three online here:

Posted: November 23 - 2012