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Centenary Tourney

Dr. Jindrich Fritz (1912-1984) was a Czech grandmaster for chess composition who created some 400 endgame studies including quite a few classical miniatures.

1.Kg3! [1.Ne6?Ba3] Nb4 2.c7 Bf4+! 3.Kxf4 Nd5+ 4.Ke5 Nxc7 5.Kd6 Ne8+ 6.Ke7 Ng7! [6…Nc7 7.Bc4 Na8 8.Kd6 Nb6 9.Bb3 Nc8+ 10.Kd7 Na7 11.Bc4 wins) 7.Kf8! Nh5 8.Nf7#!
Last year a special composing tourney was announced to celebrate his centenary directed by Emil Vlasák and judged by Jaroslav Polašek . The results have just been announced definitive.
 63 studies from 37 authors from 18 countries took part and the first prize was awarded to the Russian composer Yuri Bazlov. The second prize was shared between two studies in which I was involved:

White Rook is under fire and the same time there is a threat 1...Be6+ winning a Knight. 1.Rb8!! The point of this key is illustrated in the try 1.Rb2? Be6+ 2.Kb7 Bxf5 3.Ka6 Bd8! 4.Rb5+ Kc4 5.Rxf5 Kb3 6.Rf3+ Ka4 7.Kb7 Be7=. 1...Be6+ 2.Kb7 Bxf5 3.Ka6!  Black loses a piece but the battle is not finished. a) 3...Bc3 4.Rb5+ Kc4 5.Rxf5 Kb3 6.Rf3 Ka4! 7.Kb6! But not 7.Rxc3? stalemate. 7...Bb2 8.Kc5! Bxa3+ 9.Kc4 and White wins. b) 3...Bc7 4.Rb5+ Kc4 5.Rxf5 Kb3 6.Rf3+ Ka4  7.Rd3! Bb6! 8.Rd5! Bc7! 9.Kb7! Only this paradoxical move wins, because both 9.Rc5 Bd8 10.Rd5 Bc7 and 9.Rd3 Bb6! are only time loss. 9...Bh2 After 9...Bg3 the quickest way is 10.Rd8 Kxa3 11.Rd3+. 10.Rd3 and White is able to reach Kc4 in time, for example 10...Be5 11.Kc6(b6) Bb2 12.Kc5(d5) Bxa3 13.Kc4!

1.Rg5+ 1.Kxe5? Bc7+. 1...Kh6! 1...Kh4 2.Ng2+ Kh3 3.Kxe5. 2.Ng4+ Nxg4 3.Kxg4 The threat is 4.Rxg6 with mate, for example 3...Re4+ 4.Kf3! Rc4 5.Rxg6+ Kh5 6.Rh6 mate. 3...Kg7 4.Bb2!  4…Bd8! Preparing a stalemate defence. 5.f6+! 5.Bxe5+? Kf7 6.f6 h6 trapping the Rook. 5...Bxf6 6.Bxe5 Kh6! 7.Bd6! 7.Bxf6? stalemate. 7...Bxg5 8.Bf8 mate.

The complete award may be seen here:
And in PGN format here: http://www.sach.cz/2012/09/fritz100mt.pgn

Posted: November 14 - 2012